Litter Picking Journey At The Beach

A Trip To The Beach – Our Litter Picking Journey

On Monday 12th April, we ventured out to Hale Shoreline, where we spent the morning litter picking, making the beach a much more pleasant place to be.

At Vegums, we do everything we can to reduce plastic in our oceans by using plastic-free packaging and biodegradable tubes, but we not only want to create a more sustainable world but also give back to the community around us. 

In the past 12 months, our outdoor spaces and places have mattered to us more than ever before. So join us and show some love for those special places that helped us through the lockdown.

Litter picking journey at the beach

How to get involved:
This spring, you can join us and a load of other eco-warriors to help keep Britain Tidy. You can pledge as many hours or minutes of litter-picking as you want and help tidy up your local park or beach. This can be done as an individual or as a group, which at the moment is you plus one other person, a family group or bubble, or a school. 

Why litter picking matters:
In 2019, more than half a million people collected just shy of a million bags of litter – equating to 4,308 tons. This would have otherwise remained on our beaches, parks, and streets. 

Litter can be very appealing to wildlife, the bright colors of packaging or smell of food can lead them to get their head stuck. Plastic bags can also confuse animals, leading them to believe it’s food. This may obstruct their stomach or they can even choke on them.

The Vegums team spent the whole morning cleaning the beach.

How we can all make a difference:
We all need to do our bit when it comes to disposing of our rubbish. When at the beach or park, always remember ”Take nothing, leave nothing”

When disposing of your rubbish, separate rubbish into recycling and general waste, you can even take an extra step by reusing any single-use plastic before throwing them away. 

Here are a few tips for specific types of waste:

  • Tie a knot in the top of plastic bags to help prevent wildlife from looking inside or trying to swallow it. 
  • Cut all of the loops of plastic six-pack can holders to avoid animals’ necks getting stuck in them.
  • If you must use balloons, switch to biodegradable balloons and cut them up into pieces before disposing of them. Don’t release helium balloons outdoors as they get stuck in trees or wildlife mistake them for food.
  • Cut elastic bands before placing them in the bin to prevent animals from getting stuck in them.
  • Always opt for a can over a plastic bottle as the can is far easier to recycle.
  • Always wash containers and place lids back on before recycling.

bags of waste found during our litter picking journey at the beach

To sign up and pledge some time to litter pick, just follow the link here.