Tips to reduce your waste this Easter

Reduce Waste: How To Have Low-Waste Easter

It’s the most chocolatey time of the year! If you’re anything like us, you’re getting ready to eat your body weight in chocolate over Easter. This Easter, we’re challenging everyone to reduce their waste and have a low waste Easter. We understand when buying eggs and gifts it’s hard to control what companies create their packaging out of, but this guide should help you create a low-waste Easter weekend.

Buy and reuse gift baskets:
A great way to lower wastage over Easter is to gift a bundle of treats in a gift basket. This way means you can gift for one person or the whole family by adding gifts into the basket instead of giving heavily packaged products.

P.S… The basket can be reused and hopefully returned the following year with gifts for you. 

To low waste this Easter, buy and reuse gift baskets.

Paint wooden eggs:
If you like to fill eggs, you can get some amazing wooden eggs and fill them with treats and goodies. The wooden eggs can be decorated to personalize each egg and used year after year. 

Buy foil-wrapped chocolate:
Choosing chocolate at Easter isn’t easy; there’s far too much choice! To reduce your waste over the long Bank Holiday weekend, why not choose foil-wrapped chocolate instead of plastic packaging. 

Choosing this type of chocolate is good for lowering wastage as the tin-foil can be more easily recycled than the traditional plastic-foil wrappers. 

Upcycle crafts:
Struggling for Easter activities to do with your friends, family, or children? Get involved in making something new and reusing some packaging to make something creative. 

We spent our afternoon creating super cool plant pots out of our tubes! With a bit of paint and some cardboard, we created these nice Easter Bunny daffodil plant pots.

So go on, get creative this Easter. Don’t forget to share your creation with us!

Upcycle crafts to reduce your waste this Easter