Easy ways to upcycle your Vegums tubes

Easy Ways To Upcycle The Vegums Tube

At Vegums, we like to make sure everything we create is recyclable or biodegradable. You may not know this, but our tubes can be upcycled into some amazing things too!

We’ve created a list of easy ways you can transform the Vegums tubes, giving them an exciting new lease of life.

Grow kitchen herbs
Our tubes are the perfect size to start growing herbs in your kitchen. Fill the tub with compost, plant your chosen seeds, and watch the fruits of your labor grow… If you’ll pardon the pun.

One of the first easy ways to upcycle Vegums tubes is to grow kitchen herbs into them

Store reusable bags in
Reusable bags can end up all over the place and are always impossible to find when you need one. One way you can upcycle the tubes is to use our larger tubes to store them all in one place. If you’d like to get a bit crafty with it, you can cut a hole in the top to easily pull them out.

e.g. of easy ways to upcycle: store reusable bags in your tubes

Pen pot
An old school one but always a good one. Once you’ve enjoyed your gummies why not use the tube on your desk at home or at work to hold your pens and pencils. 

e.g. of easy ways to upcycle: use your vegums tube as a pen pot

Keep your coffee pods in one place
If your coffee machine takes coffee pods, you can store them all easily in one of our tubes. Simply pop the lid on and keep them all secure, saving them from flying around in the cupboard. 

One of the easy ways to upcycle Vegums tubs is to keep your coffee pods into your tubes

Use it as a money box
Now more than ever, we’re using bank cards at every opportunity. If you do get change, it can be really easy to leave it lying around or even lose it in one of your many pockets. To help with this, why not cut a small hole in the top of your Vegums tube and start putting your change in. 

Use your Vegums tube as a money box

General storage
You can store anything from pens to paintbrushes to tools in our handy little tubes. Got a load of spare nuts and bolts? Throw them in the tube, seal them, and keep them safe for when you need them. 

Use your Vegums tube as a general storage

Now you know 6 easy ways to upcycle your Vegums tubes. Don’t forget to comment below and share your ideas with us!