TerraCycle: How To Recycle Empty Blister Packets

Did you know blister packs that come out of medicine packets can’t be recycled even when put in a recycling bin? Due to the foil glued to the top, it means they just end up in landfills where they sit unable to biodegrade. At Vegums, we like to recycle, upcycle and re-use everything we can. So, when we heard about “The Medicine Packet Recycling Programme” from TerraCycle that recycles blister packs, we wanted to tell the world.

The scheme that has been launched allows you to bring all your used blister packs to a registered local pharmacy or Superdrug pharmacy to be recycled and re-used. This means stopping thousands of packs from clogging up landfills and continuing their life as a new recycled product.

If you save up a bundle of used blister packs and bring them along to the registered locations, the empty blister packaging will then be converted into reusable raw materials using a unique recycling process.

We’ve done the hard work for you and created a map of every single place you can recycle your used packs. In total, it exists 362 participating locations throughout the UK, which are following the TerraCycle programme. Simply follow the link below and find your closest recycling point and create a new life for your used blister packs.

TerraCycle drop-off locations throughout the UK

If you are a collector and there isn’t a public drop-off location near you yet, we encourage you to check if your local pharmacy would be interested in setting up a public drop-off location.