Plastic Use: 5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

It seems like we do everything we can to limit our use of plastics, but our oceans are still being massively polluted. We wanted to give you a helpful guide on some easy ways you can limit your plastic use, as small everyday actions of regular people amount to world-changing results.

Use reusable bags to reduce your plastic use

Reusable bags

It might seem like an obvious one, and most of us now have cupboards full of ‘Bags For Life’ but every time we get to the supermarket, we forget them. 

An easy way to make sure you start using your trusty durable bags is to keep them in your car, in the back, or in the boot. So next time you go shopping, you won’t realise you’ve left them in the kitchen drawer at home.

On a train or bus? Why not get a foldable reusable bag to keep in your pocket or in a rucksack/handbag? They packdown really easily, so if you buy a bit more than your hands can carry, they really come in handy.

Give up bottled water

Not only is this a huge waste of plastic, bottled water actually holds very little health benefits. The water has been filtered and purified so many times to ensure it’s safe to drink, it lacks any vitamins your tap water is fortified with. 

Tap water often contains added minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium, adding another reason you ditch the plastic bottle and fill your reusable metal bottle up.

Takeaway containers

How many times have you said ‘oh if I had boxes I could meal prep’? A lot if you’re a bit like us…

If you’re planning a takeaway for the weekend and it comes in a plastic container, keep it, wash it (they are normally dishwasher safe), and use it for meal prep boxes. 

Use takeaway containers to limit your plastic use

Get an ice cream cone

When getting an ice cream this summer, opt for the cone, not the plastic tub and spoon. One, the cone tastes great, so who turns down that? But, two, you do away with the plastic consumption in place of food. If the wafer cone isn’t your thing, the good news is it will bio-degrade a lot quicker than a plastic cup, so you can just bin it.

Use glass bottles over plastic bottles

Bring back the milk float

Did you know you can even get oat and soy milk as well as dairy delivered in glass bottles now? It’s not only more convenient for you but it means the bottles can be re-used and easily recycled. 

You can even get fruit juices delivered, so why not join and help grow the 4% of the British public still getting their milk delivered?

Even if you just manage to switch one product from plastic to a reusable item, you’ve done something to help reduce the plastic pollution level we’re currently at.

Did you know?

All of our packaging is 100% plastic-free and biodegradable. We strive to help benefit the environment as much as we can, so our Omega-3 are all fish-free, helping keep fish in the ocean and plastic out of it.