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Eco Friendly New Year Resolutions: Top 8

As 2020 comes to a close and the new year rolls around pressure mounts on that age old phrase ‘new year, new me’. Let’s focus more on a ‘greener you’ and less on a ‘better you’ (because you’re pretty great already). After all, the future is green. We’ve listed off (for you) our top 8 eco friendly new year resolutions.

1. Bring your own shopping bags

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve forgotten our reusable bags. Which leaves us with no other option but to buy a plastic bag. That pile of plastic bags in the cupboard just keeps on growing! Keeping a few totes to hand wherever you go is a must.

One of the new eco(friendly new year resolution is to use reusable shopping bag

2. Eat less meat

We’d love for everyone to go vegan, but small changes can make a world of difference. Why not try meat-free Monday’s? Alternatively, you could give Veganuary a go since it’s right around the corner. You never know it might be right up your street.

Another New Year resolution is to eat more organic vegetables and less meat

3. Start a compost

Home composting is totally possible indoor or outdoor. We should all have a compost. Composting is important for recycling food and reducing landfill waste. Also, implicating a food waste caddy helps manage our food waste.

As a New Year resolution, start composting your food waste

4. Wash at 30C

An easy eco solution to our clothing habits is washing at 30C. You can even wash at 20C if you’re feeling extra eco. Drying clothing instead of using a dryer can also really help save electricity. Great for the planet and your purse!

Another New Year resolution is to wash your clothes at 30C and dry them on a drying rack

5. Walk, cycle or use public transport

Okay, not many of us have the luxury to walk everywhere. Nevertheless we, as able bodied people, do have the luxury of choosing the way we choose to travel. We should try choosing greener options! Realistically a lot of us rely on car transportation to get about. What we can do is try to reduce our travel by car; by travelling using public transport or by bicycle.

Another eco friendlyNew Year resolution is to use less your car. Try to use walk, cycle or use public transport in order to reduce air pollution

6. Reduce, reuse & recycle

You don’t have to be a recycling enthusiast to get into the habit of recycling regularly. Ultimately, reducing our recycling waste can is key. Unfortunately, recycling centres aren’t always accessible to everyone. Those of us with access to recycling facilities should definitely use them. Also, swotting up on recycling symbols is super helpful. You can learn about the symbols here.

An eco-friendly New Year resolution is to recycle your waste, such as 
 your plastic bottles

7. Bring your own water bottle

Carrying around your reusable water bottle and coffee cup saves unwanted single use plastic. The biggest perk to bringing your own flask is that most coffee shops offer a discount. It’s a win win situation.

Eco-Friendly New Year resolution: using reusable bamboo water bottles instead of plastic bottles

8. Buy less and limit fast fashion

Lastly, if you have the privilege to shop less fast fashion then, this is a top green tip. Greener options including shopping second-hand or from ethical clothing brands. Not all of us have the means to boycott fast fashion. Be that as it may, we can simply cut down on unnecessary clothing purchases.

Eco-Friendly New Year resolution: buy less new clothes and limit fast fashion

Thanks to those 8 eco friendly new year resolutions, you are now ready to realise big changes in your daily life.

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